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February 3 2011 | Family Health | Weight Management

Recently, the World Health Organization warned that health risks accompanying obesity could surpass more traditional health concerns such as malnutrition and infectious disease. The struggle for weight loss and healthy weight management seems endless. But especially today, awareness of healthy weight management is on the rise.

Obesity or simply being overweight puts a person significantly higher health risks. Some of these include osteoarthritis, heart disease, and cancer. With these risks on the rise, we should all do what we can to keep our weight down and our bodies healthy.

At first glance a healthy weight management plan seems simple. Finding time for daily exercise and cutting back on unnecessary fatty foods is all it takes. But the fact is, it’s not as easy as it sounds. One of the most difficult parts of weight loss is appetite suppression.

We all deal with grumbling stomachs that seem to ignore our weight management plans. Often, the hunger pangs take over and veer us off of the path towards weight loss. But did you know our stomachs are trained by daily routines? Even though the process of appetite suppression may be difficult, there are some tricks for success.

For many people, simply raising awareness of calories consumed does the trick. Try keeping a food dairy for several days or even weeks and record you calorie, protein and fat intake. In addition, monitor how much exercise you’re getting. Keep in mind that you can only loose weight if you exert more energy than calories consumed.

You can even try an appetite suppressant supplement. Sometimes, the boost from these supplements is all a person needs to successfully control their appetite and reduce cravings. Finding a solution to overcoming hunger pangs could be the key to attaining your weight loss goals. Just remember that healthy weight management is the first step to a more healthful future.

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