Understanding Weight Management and Your Metabolism

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Better Health and Fitness, InFlight eNews
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Metabolism—a word we all immediately assign to weight loss and weight gain—is derived from the metabellein, a Greek word meaning “to change.” Metabolism refers to processes of change within the body. Without a healthy functioning metabolism, the body can’t heal itself, maintain its organs and other working parts, or rid itself of harmful toxins.

Nonetheless, metabolism does decide the body’s weight loss or gain because its rate is determined by age, physical activity, and nutrition. If your physical activity, nutrition, or age changes, so does your metabolism. For example, every decade after 40 years of age, the body’s metabolic rate slows approximately 5%. And men naturally have a faster metabolism due to their generally higher muscle mass. Because muscle mass stimulates metabolism, we know that exercising to build muscle is an effective way to lose weight, regardless of your gender.

Surprisingly, heavier people have a higher metabolism simply because their body has to work harder to maintain itself. Although metabolism is closely related to weight management, shedding those extra pounds can actually reduce your metabolic rate, which is why it’s important to find another way to maintain a higher metabolism through exercise or a metabolism stimulating supplement when trying to slim down.

Since an overweight body needs significantly more calories to maintain energy, even a small cut in calories will quickly show weight loss results. However, as weight loss continues, the results will become less and less obvious unless there is an extra boost for the metabolism. To keep from quickly regaining lost weight because of the lower metabolism that accompanies a reduced overall body mass, it’s necessary to find a way to keep your body’s fat burning optimized for successful weight management.

The very best way to maintain a healthy metabolism while losing weight is exercise. However, many people find it difficult to exercise regularly. So a great alternative to maintain successful results is a healthy metabolism boosting supplement. Understanding you metabolism and how weight loss can affect its efficiency is important when working towards a healthy fit future with successful weight management.

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