Basketball Players: Boost Your Speed

Proper training will increase your speed and quickness. Proper hydration and refueling practices will help you sustain your speed and quickness in practices and games.

Speed and quickness are important abilities for basketball players. No matter which position you play, speed and quickness are assets, and you should do everything you can to increase them. Many players believe that speed and quickness are something you either are born with or not. And if you are not born with these abilities, there is not very much you can do to increase them. But this is not quite true. Of course natural ability does play a big role in determining how fast a basketball player can run and move. However, with consistent hard work, any player can become faster and reach the potential he or she was born with. Basketball speed is a little different from regular sprinting speed in that it involves quick starts and sudden changes in speed and direction. The most important way of training for basketball speed development is playing basketball. The only problem is that every basketball player does this in team practices and games during the basketball season. So if you want to close the gap between yourself and the fastest players, you need to supplement your on-court running with speed-boosting conditioning drills during the off-season. In particular, you should perform running sprints and special power drills called plyometrics. But what even fewer players recognize is that sports nutrition can also affect speed on the basketball court, so after I say a few words about conditioning I would like to show you how you can use nutrition to gain a speed advantage over other players.   For more read…. 


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