About Flight101 Health and Fitness

OUR MISSION – It is our mission to provide a holistic approach to helping our clients improve their athletic performance and reach their fullest potential both on and off the playing field.  Our programs include the latest in sport specific training to make them  more competitive in their sport and access to college recruiters so that they might continue their careers at the college and university level.

Because we understand that proper nutrition and a healthy life style are critical to athletic performance, we also provide information on and access to the highest quality herbal, vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements on the market today.    For more information visit our website www.flight101ssd.com

THE FLIGHT CREW - Coach Jay Murdock has over 20 years experience coaching athletes at every level in a variety of sports. He has worked with young athletes from youth baseball, soccer, football and basketball to track and field at the college ranks.    A former educator, on-air radio personality and long-time community activist, during his over two decades of coaching young athletes he has had athletes in national and state championships every year but three. He has coached 1 world champion, 3 national champions, 5 state champions, dozens of state qualifiers, 2 high school district championship and 6 high school conference championship track and field teams.  For more on the Flight Crew.